Just Des(s)erts for February Focuses on Racial Inequity

The Justice Ministry of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church (HPCUMC) was created to enhance awareness and spur action regarding sources of injustice and inequity.  Our programming and activity to date has been focused on issues that we need not look far to encounter.  For instance, this month we will host Chara Fisher Jackson, Esq., Interim President and CEO of the Urban League of Southwestern Ohio.  Ms. Jackson will present and discuss findings of the League's extensive study,  The State of Black Cincinnati 2015 - Two Cities.  We're excited to have her come.  The program will be 7:00-8:30PM on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.  It will be held in the HPCUMC Little Theater (second floor of the church building at Grace and Observatory in Hyde Park).  This is one in our occasional series we call Just Des(s)erts, a time of learning, questioning and sharing over dessert and coffee.

Although the Urban League's study may now be a few years old we fear that the issues it raises are very much still with us.  The detailed report can be found at


for those willing to dig deep.  We suggest you come to the Feb. 19 meeting to get an introduction and then take a look at the full report for more details, statistics and insight to possible solutions.

The Justice Ministry recognizes the problems of racial inequity, such as those one can learn about in the Urban League's report,  are significant barriers to creating a truly just and equitable society in our city.  We are likely to continue focusing on this area as we conceive of other programs and reach out to the HPCUMC congregation and community.  Stay tuned!!


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